“I received a letter one morning saying that I was going to be moved on to PIPs (from full amount DLA for care and mobility), a woman came out who said she was a nurse for my reassessment, at the end she said I’m not supposed to say this but clearly from your condition you cannot work and nothing will change... What a load of rubbish”.


Meet Bob, born with osteogenesis imperfecta, a degenerative disease that affects the skeletal system. After being advised by a doctor to stop working due to his deteriorating condition in the 80’s, he was put on the benefit system. When the Conservatives took control of the system in the late 00’s he was moved on to PIPs. Despite being told nothing would change, the care element of his benefit was slashed meaning he is now way more reliant on friends and family for help. He regards himself as lucky because he still receives his mobility payments so he can still get around, without it he would be housebound like the many others who had it taken away.