“When I was first granted DLA, I was assured that my claim would be indefinite due to the nature of my condition. Since being moved on to PIPs I have to be tested every 3 years for eligibility, meaning I have to relive my accident and list all of the things that I can’t do, which to me, is just cruel.”


Meet my Dad, Mark, the inspiration for the project. Since his accident in his early 20’s where he was paralysed from the neck down, he has been unable to work. Although his condition improved over time, he struggles with everyday tasks due to the effort it takes to control the spasticity in his limbs. Despite being told his claim would be for life due to physicians acknowledging his condition would not improve to a working standard, since a change in government policy he now has to relive the trauma of his accident and focus on all of the things he is unable to do to, every 3 years to prove he is eligible for financial help. (Real name withheld)